Tuesday, August 31, 2010

¢heapo Bass Guitar Alert!

Last Saturday I was on the road and stopped into the Sam Ash store in Paramus NJ. I spied a Danelectro Dead On 58 Longhorn Bass. The price tag read $199, so I had to try it out. I was impressed. The bass had the sort of plinky, hollow sound that I expect from a Danelectro. Yes, that "My Generation" sound. No, it will never sound like a P-bass, but it was never supposed to. I guess I would say that if you do not know what a Dano Longhorn is, you probably shouldn't buy one.

Henway, I tried this one out, and it is on clearence at $199. I examined it, and it was not beat up, warped, or trashed. This puppy is new. I called today afternoon and the bass is still there. List price was $349.00, but you can find it for $249-299.00 all over the place. $199.00 is a great deal, and pushes it down into our self imposed $200 ¢heapo guitar territory.

I really, REALLY want this bass, but right now it would mean instant divorce, so I am passing the info to you. Otherwise, I would have already bought it.

Now, go get ¢heap!

Sam Ash
50E Rt 4
Paramus, NJ 07652

Phone: 201-843-0119

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