Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cheapo Guitar Alert!

I normally do not plan on two posts per day, but fellow Cheapo Guitar enthusiasts may want to check this out:

My local Wally World is having their pre-Christmas clearance. I found the following in their clearance aisle: 

First Act .009 electric guitar strings electric $3.00  
First Act guitar straps $3.00
First Act pick assortment, 1doz. $2.00
First Act single pickup electric guitar: $60.00  

Your local Wally World may or may not have something similar.

I grabbed a few straps. After all, a nylon strap is a nylon strap.
I also spied a shelf layout for Musical Instruments, and there were no First Act items on there.
I am not sure if W-World will be carrying them this X-mas.

Last year I scored 1 doz sets of .010 strings for $1 a set. They are great for having around just in case, and they work fine for Cheapo Guitars.

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