Wednesday, September 8, 2010

¢heapo parts

So you have a ¢heapo guitar, and you like it, but want to make it a bit better. Maybe you want to replace the super ¢heapo tuners, or swap out the pickups for a vintage tone or to add a humbucker. Maybe you want to redo the entire guitar and build a custom instrument into something you have always wanted.

Let's say you have a Strat. If you wanted to replace the pickups, brand F would cost about $120 a set. Brand SD runs around $150. Brand D would run about $180. Boutique hand wound pickups are even more expensive. Since the whole idea here is to be ¢heap, these high prices just won't fit the bill.

Enter Most know them simply as GFS. These guys are a web only, bare bones operation that sells replacement and upgrade parts for guitars and basses. There is no retail store, and no fancy showroom. The website lists a wide array of guitar and bass pickups and parts at good prices. They even sell whole ¢heapo guitars.

For example, a full set of vintage tone, alnico Strat pickups can be had for less then $50! Their most expensive set of "Boston Blues" alnico pickups are "only" $73. That sure beats just about everyone else. What about the quality? Everyone has their own opinion, but IMHO, you would have to buy boutique, hand wound pickups for a ton more cash to beat GFS pickups. In fact, I buy almost all of my parts from GFS. I have always been pleased with the quality, and it only takes a few days before the parts are at my door. 

GFS is the ¢heapo guitarist's best friend.

 Note: I have no connections with GFS. I do not know who owns the place, nor do I know anyone whe works there. I am simply a customer who is really glad hatthey exist!

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